About Us

We were founded over 300 years ago. To make things better for people.

That may sound like a pretty lofty statement for an insurance company. But that’s why we opened our doors. And why we exist today.

Back in 1833, when Royal Insurance first came to Canada, fire was a big threat to Canadian lives and livelihoods. Major fires took a heavy toll in Montreal and Toronto. Many insurance companies had to declare bankruptcy.

Royal Insurance didn’t. In fact, Canadians came to know Royal Insurance for our full and prompt payments.

Today we are one of Canada’s largest property & casualty insurance companies.  

The more we grow…

We offer more products now. In fact, we insure close to a million cars and over half a million homes in Canada.

We have over 2,900 employees in Canada

… working with over 19,000 RSA Group colleagues

… in over 140 countries worldwide

… serving over 17 million customers around the globe


The more we stay the same…

Back in 1833, Canadians recognized we kept our promises. Were there when disaster struck. Made full and prompt payments. And made things better for people.

Today we keep right on doing the same.